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Why a blog?
I find it hard to live in Paris, despite everything beautiful about the city. Daily life for someone who lives and works a full time job in Paris isn’t as rosy as it seems. I was so close to giving up so many times and calling it quits. But I am not one who gives up easily. Like my husband says, I have a tête de mûle (meaning stubborn).

Deep down, I know that living in Paris is a wonderful opportunity and I’m sure I’ll cry buckets the day I leave. So between now and then, I intend to live my Paris life to the fullest.

LPC is mainly about food and living the (sometimes) good life in Paris. LPC is about the discovery and a deeper understanding of ingredients, testing recipes from cookbooks, a learning process in IT and in food. But for me, LPC is not just another food blog with nice recipes and lovely pictures. More importantly, it’s about integrating into the French culture and to the place I now call home… and making sense of things around me.

Why “La Petite Chinoise”?
“Ahhhh, la petite chinoise!” This is how my local boucher (butcher) addresses me every Sunday morning. “Qu’est-ce vous voulez cuisiner aujourd’hui?” (What do you want to cook today?) This friendly, handle-bar moustached butcher has been kind to me and seen the progression of my French and my cooking skills. Hence the name of the blog.